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ECO’s Calm & Destress Blend has been specially formulated with Orange, Patchouli & Sandalwood essential oils to help ease the stresses of daily life, and bring calm to the mind and body.

Sit back, relax and unwind.


Size: 10ml



- Ready made balanced blend.

- Bring calm to mind & body.

- Grounding & relaxing.



- Diffuser: Add 6-8 drops of your Calm & Destress essential oil to a diffuser.

- Quick fix: A few deep inhalations from the bottle can help when you are at work, in the car or anytime you need a quick break.

- Shower: Add 2-3 drops to the corner of the shower and enjoy the benefits of steam inhalation.

- Bath: Add 2-3 drops in a dispersant such as oil, to the bath to create a relaxing atmosphere while nourishing your skin.

- Topically: Mix 1 drop of chosen essential oil with 5ml carrier oil and apply to wrists, chest or back of the neck.

- Pillow: Place 1 drop on your pillow before you go to sleep.


Sun Exposure Warning
- If applying citrus essential oils or blends that contain citrus topically avoid direct sunlight for 12 hours as they may cause photosensitivity


Is this safe for use during pregnancy?

- Use this oil with care, best used in a diffuser or diluted with a carrier oil (1% ratio). Avoid using essential oils during the first trimester unless you are under the supervision of a qualified practitioner.


Is this safe for children?

- We do not recommend the use of essential oils for children under 3 months. After 3 months use small amounts in a diffuser or for massage use a 1% dilution ratio in a carrier oil.


Is this safe to use around pets?

- Citrus (including Lemon) essential oils are not recommended for use around pets.


Can I ingest this oil?

- Essential oils should not be taken internally unless you have consulted with a health professional or Aromatherapist first.


For external use only.

Store below 25°C




ECO Calm & Destress Essential Oil


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