Tumbled crystals all hand chosen by myself. They come already cleansed with white sage, ready for you to set your intentions and start using straight away!
Linen bag included to help keep your crystal babies safe & secure.

C L E A R  Q U A R T Z
universal healer | amplifies energy & intention | protection

emotional healer | calm | peace | insomnia | nightmares

R O S E  Q U A R T Z
love in all forms | compassion | relationships | friendships | nurturing

A M B E R  B E A D S  N E C K L A C E
Proven to reduce pain, Amber beads contain succinic acid that releases when the stones become warm. This is why Amber beads are often worn around the neck of babies and toddlers during times of teething, to help relieve their pain and discomfort. 

U N A K I T E  B R A C E L E T
healthy pregnancy | positive foetal growth | mother & child bond | love | compassion | balanced emotions

**please note that every single crystal is unique and while the crystal types I have chosen will remain the same, the stones you receive will differ slightly in shape and colour from the photo.**

Mum & Bub Crystal Kit


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